Sustainable Business Compass [EN]


Sustainable Business Compass [EN]


8 July 2022, 15:30


PPNT Gdynia
Gdynia, al. Zwycięstwa 96/98
Building 4


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PPNT Budynek 4

Find out if your organization is on the path to sustainable functioning. See what questions you need to answer and what decisions to take.

Workshop participants can critically reflect on the perception of sustainable organizations and find out where they stand on this issue themselves.
The activity will convey the Doughnut Economy model by an English economist Kate Raworth in the form of tangible questions related to the business context. It will help us better understand the interconnection between sustainability's environmental and social dimensions. Participants will explore how an organization might steer its efforts toward becoming more responsible.

Business leaders strive to address corporate responsibility and sustainable behaviour. No matter if they are doing it because of their own ambitions or because they are pushed to do so by their environment. Either way, they are often unclear about what sustainability can mean in the context of their business and how to measure it effectively.

What you gain? 

  • How to perceive sustainability in the context of an organization.
  • How to measure the responsible impact of a business.
  • How to steer the organization’s strategic decision toward more responsible behaviour.



Lukáš Jan Němec

Lukáš Jan Němec

Lukáš is a service designer at Pábení design studio which focuses on the sustainable development of commercial and non-profit organizations. Their work's core is service design, strategic planning, and facilitation. Pábení sees the theme of sustainability as a combined vessel of environmental challenges and social justice, well illustrated by Kate Raworth'...

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