Imagination crisis and the future of water [ PL]


Imagination crisis and the future of water [ PL]


8 July 2022, 15:30


PPNT Gdynia
Gdynia, al. Zwycięstwa 96/98
Building 4


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PPNT Budynek 4

Let’s visualise future scenarios on water based on observation, facts as well as long and short term forecasts.

Water is perceived as something priceless and essential. The use of water is the fundamental right of all living creatures, from humans to all other forms. The world is facing numerous challenges related to universal and fair access to this vital resource.

The main goal of the workshop is to guide the participants through different stages of design thinking based on observations and speculations about the future of water. The participants will identify key nano and macro trends, change indicators, changing social moods and human behaviours to create and visualise possible future scenarios.

They will move on to defining the areas with the highest potential for future sustainable innovation linked to the worsening water crisis.

During the workshop, you will create a visualisation concept for a chosen future scenario and draw up a set of assumptions for an innovation.

The workshop will be facilitated with the use of original Future(s) Change by design methodology which is centred around research, sustainable innovation design and finding future solutions.

What you gain? 

  • Learn about the key phases of developing future innovations – scanning, planing, shaping.
  • Get to know how to build foresight based scenarios using forecasts of challenges, behaviours and needs of the future users.





Krzysztof Bogomaz

Krzysztof Bogomaz

Head of Strategy Development at Ergodesign, a consultancy where circular strategies and futures thinking constitute a source of innovation and development for the company itself and its business partners. In 2018 Krzysztof was awarded a doctorate in Design Management with a particular focus on methodology, processes and tools facilitating the use of design in business.

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Marcin Maciejewski

Marcin Maciejewski

Future(s) Strategist at Ergodesign. He deals with forces, trends and future forecasts. A graduate of Trendwatching & Future Postgraduate Studies and a lecturer at several Polish universities. In 2021, Marcin completed a research and foresight project “Digital Proximity and the Role and Contribution of the Senses to New Technologies”. He was an expert on multisensorics for a TrendSi...

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