Circular competencies in business [PL]


Circular competencies in business [PL]


8 July 2022, 15:30


PPNT Gdynia
Gdynia, al. Zwycięstwa 96/98
Building 4


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PPNT Budynek 4

Let's name and practice new competences that a leader needs in a company, enterprise and organization to effectively implement circular economy strategies.

When dealing with the implementation of circular solutions, we are talking about implementing innovations in a very variable and uncertain context. It is facing a change in which the role of the leader and his competences become crucial. New business models and innovative technologies are part of the solution, but it is worth paying attention to the new attitudes and skills of team members, their bosses and partners. This is what the transformation we are striving for requires. The workshops will be based on tools in the area of ​​systems thinking and circular design.

A meeting in the form of workshops that will allow participants to look at the transformation towards a circular economy through the prism of competences and skills that are necessary in this process, such as e.g. systemic thinking, detachment from ownership or establishing partnerships. The starting point for the workshop work will be specific strategic tools which, through live experience and moderated discussion, direct the group to conclusions in the area of ​​competences of the leader of sustainable development. It's not about finding certain solutions, it's about acting in spite of the uncertainty.

What do you get?

  • Learn and understand the new competences of the leader of circular transformation and sustainable innovations, as well as tools in the area of ​​circular strategy & design
  • Acquire key circular competences in relation to the competences of the future.





Agata Miryn-Sienkiewicz

Agata Miryn-Sienkiewicz

Founder of the Next Good Thing consultancy promoting circular economy implementation through the use of creative methods of work. Agata is a graduate of Design Thinking Master at Design Thinking Institute. Over the past years, she has been facilitating strategic-creative workshops and consulting processes aimed at creating circular and green transformation solutions. She participated in the exclus...

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