Design talks Business 2021

14 May 2021

Design talks Business 2021

A pandemic is a time of dynamic market and social changes. It is time to redesign existing products, services, and organizations. The greater the change in consumer needs and the uncertainty of the future, the greater the potential for questioning current solutions and looking for bold change scenarios.

Responsibility = ability to respond

When business is run on the old model canvas, it quickly becomes outdated in uncertain times. The economy does not like empty spaces. This is the perfect time to introduce completely new products and services. However, this process requires responsible action, an ability to respond to change. Each new product introduced to the market will lead to economic, social, and environmental consequences. It is the design stage that is responsible for over 70% of the negative impact of a product on the natural environment. It is not only a warning but also an indication of the design potential in business.

Use what already exists

In the new economies, the inefficiency of linear design continues to increase, producing losses in the company and its environment. Waste does not occur in nature – waste is manmade. Today, enterprising designers can create more efficiently by harnessing the wisdom of natural processes. After all, design is not about inventing new things, but about new combinations of existing elements. We can design smarter solutions, using the current value chain resources by closing individual circuits, applying the proven principles of the circular economy. Instead of exploiting scarce resources, we can explore new ways to use what is regenerative. Modern business models rightly include not only the cost of raw materials but also clean air, unpolluted water, fertile land, as well as the physical and mental health of workers and their families. In fact, by calculating our actual impact, we are not protecting nature that will do well without us. First of all, we protect our well-being.

Design is not signed with one name

Protecting and developing our well-being is a team effort. Gone are the days when the design was signed with the name of one author. Today, each of us has an impact, leaves a trace, everyone is a changemaker. With our entrepreneurial or consumer decisions, we vote for the change we want to see. It is worth standing side by side with your client, coopetition, or neighbor joined by a common cause and discuss the change to be made. Today, solidarity is gaining practical significance. Together we can be more efficient, have a better impact, and act hand in hand without leaving our fate in the hands of distant leaders. When the world slows down, and restrictions globally narrow the field of action, new needs of the organization surface. We notice that it is worth cherishing and appreciating what we already have – local nature, relationships, health, and individual needs. Thanks to the experience of closed borders and forests, we appreciate local resources, partnerships, and natural, human closeness much more.

Let's take an opportunity of these extraordinary times and analyze specific business examples together, share our experience and consider possible scenarios for the future. Let's meet online at Design Talks Business Summit 2021.


Henryk Stawicki

Henryk Stawicki

Sustainable Design Strategy Pilot, Change Pilots. Helps companies create product and service strategies based on design, sustainability and circular economy. Co-founder of Change Pilots, a design consultancy distinguished as 'Suppliers of Positive Change in Business' in the Positive Impact Startups report. Thanks to years of professional work in New York, Łódź and London, he provides a mult...

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