How can design contribute to nowadays societal challenges?


How can design contribute to nowadays societal challenges?


7 July 2022, 16:00


PPNT Gdynia
Gdynia, al. Zwycięstwa 96/98
Building 3


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PPNT Budynek 3

Our world is becoming increasingly complex and designers are being asked to contribute to wicked problems and design solutions.

Designers are trained to find a new approach. This might be in the design of materials, products, or systems. In the past years, an increasing number of designers are working with governmental institutions and are asked to contribute to societal challenges. In the Netherlands, municipalities are working with designers to accelerate needed transitions in society.

Foundation We Are is a design collective offering a platform for those wicked challenges.  We create design incubators to facilitate those collaborations in which we help organisations to research and design alternatives to the common approach. Within the incubators, we are connecting designers with those experts from all walks of life and allow them to exchange knowledge, experiences and stories. Through this exchange, we create the foundation for a design process that allows to approach issues from different perspectives and the design of needed alternatives within societal challenges.

“We believe that design can only create impact in collaboration with experts from different fields.”

Lecture will be heald in english



Karen van Luttervelt

Karen van Luttervelt

She is a graphic designer in The Hague. She is one of the eight co-founders of Foundation We Are and has been in the board of the foundation. Within her work, she emphasises on making stories clear and creating outcomes that challenge the viewers perception. She has been working on “We Are Human Rights” a project bringing human rights defenders and designers together to investigate the...

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