Designing for long lasting. A new look at product life cycle


Designing for long lasting. A new look at product life cycle


3 July 2022, 16:00


PPNT Gdynia
Gdynia, al. Zwycięstwa 96/98
Building 3


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PPNT Budynek 3

Making things durable is one of the cornerstones of the circular economy.

As consumers and designers, out of concern for our planet, we ask ourselves questions about the sense and effectiveness of our actions. We already know that, as consumers, we need to review our needs and learn to manage them. However, we will not give up things. That is why we, the designers, should design products in such a way as to extend their life cycle as much as possible and delay the moment of recycling.

Let's talk about what design durability is and how it fits in with the idea of ​​sustainable development. About "closing the circuit", that is, what we know strategies for designing durable products and what determines their success. And about the influence of designers on the durability of a product and on what the power of this influence depends on. Let us consider together what materials will help us and what changes in aesthetic trends await us if we want to surround ourselves with durable goods. Let's ask ourselves what has to happen for long lasting products to be appreciated on the consumer market.



Ryszard Poniedziałek

Ryszard Poniedziałek

He has been designing and providing strategic advice for 20 years. He creates product lines for Polish and foreign manufacturers-innovators – from product strategy, through design, to marketing support and implementation. Among others for BOSCH, Avionaut, FETCO, OrbitVU, DARCO. In Ergodesign for several years he leads the Product Development Department. During this period the team won a number of ...

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