A journey into the Possible Reality | guided tour aroud the "Possible Reality. The wisdom of disappearing nature" exhibition


A journey into the Possible Reality | guided tour aroud the “Possible Reality. The wisdom of disappearing nature” exhibition


4 July 2022, 14:00


PPNT Gdynia
Gdynia, al. Zwycięstwa 96/98
Building 3


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PPNT Budynek 3

We invite you to a joint journey through the exhibition "Possible Reality. The wisdom of disappearing nature. " We will start it in a possible city – Wudzisław – where intensive work is underway to create a technology that will enable communication with animals.

In the first part of the exhibition, we will immerse ourselves in the world of design speculation and let our imagination run wild. At this point, we will discover the backstage of the assumptions of the exhibition curators related to the proposed scenarios for the future. It is here that we will meet the creators invited to the project – human and non-human beings and talk about the approach of speculative design.

The presented works will serve as a starting point for the discussion of "what if ..." and a moment of reflection on the trends and patterns in our predictions of the future. The key question will be whether we read, write and design our world today in anthropocentric terms and what consequences this has for nature. Is the differnet way possible? What can we learn from nature?

The next steps on our way will shift the emphasis from analysis to feeling. Together, we follow the trail of experiences which, from the "high C" creative process of action, will allow us to stay with another being – close to emotions and needs, even, and maybe especially when the clarity of the message is unattainable. As part of the tour through the second part of the exhibition, we will focus our attention on deep questions about the connection between man and nature and reflection on the quality of our "here and now".

A curatorial tour is a meeting between the creators and the audience of the exhibition, which gives the opportunity to ask questions and discuss. This project shows that there are no easy answers, and that the most interesting conclusions come from joint discovery. Do we feel the need to return to nature? Why? What to change to start this process? What would the animals invited to the project like to share with us?

Let's speculate and see how we feel about it today.



Agata Magdalena Nowak

Agata Magdalena Nowak

Artist and User Experience Researcher. She graduated in psychology at the University of Silesia and transdisciplinary art studies at the College of Art and Design in Geneva in the field of Critical Curatorial Cybermedia. She conducts research in the artistic research approach in the area of ​​the potential of creativity and technology in the processes of social change, at the interface with the de...

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Paweł Nowak

Paweł Nowak

Systems designer. A graduate of computer science at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. Since 2008, he has been professionally involved in the IT, User Experience and service design industries. Since 2016, he has been running a research and design collective under the NOWY brand. Previously, for 8 years, he gained experience working as the main UX designer and leader of the User Expe...

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Katarzyna Drożdżal

Katarzyna Drożdżal

Researcher and UX designer. A psychologist with 15 years of experience. She has been involved in research since the beginning of her career, and in recent years she has been focused on the areas of UX, CX and Service Design. Co-founder of the Selkie Research Agency. Co-author of the Value Match Canvas tool and approach. Since 2015, he has been co-organizing the World Usability Day Silesia conferen...

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