A guide how to use Baltic beaches


A guide how to use Baltic beaches


7 July 2022, 17:00


Biblioteka z Pasją
al. Zwycięstwa 96/98


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Consciously or not, we share our favorite beaches and beloved sea with many species of animals. It is worth getting to know those sea creatures that live a very rich life right next to us. Our neighbors are equal to us. After all, just like people, they have their own habits and needs.

It is important to cultivate good habits while relaxing by the seashore. Caring for cleanliness and respect for the environment has a direct impact on the welfare of animals. Get to know the species of fish, birds and mammals living on the Baltic Sea. Find out more about the most common animals on Polish beaches. Learn how to relax and spend time at the seaside without harming the environment and the animals that live near it. The meeting is aimed at school children and teenagers, as well as adults who want to learn more about the Baltic fauna.

During the festival, you can use the dedicated space of the Library with passion every day. Visit the Hygge Zone and feel free, take a break from the hustle and bustle.



Sabina Buczyńska

Sabina Buczyńska

An ornithologist cooperating with many institutions involved in researching the behavior and protection of birds. As a volunteer, she works with the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds, the University of Gdańsk, the Ornithological Station, the Kuling Water Bird Research Group and the WWF. A long-time employee of the Gdańsk Zoological Garden, committed nature educator and photographer.

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