So it was - summary of GDD2021

15 July 2021

So it was – summary of GDD2021

The fourteenth edition of the design festival is behind us, and the first, but certainly not the last one, about responsibility.

What was this year's edition of GDD? Certainly different than all the previous ones. But let's start with the numbers – 60 program events, 15 exhibitions, 9 days, 0 gadgets. Hundreds of online and offline participants, dozens of experts involved and a constantly growing festival team consisting of coordinators, producers, sound engineers, producers, translators, substantive and technical staff, interns and even make-up artists.

For the first time, we organized the festival in a hybrid formula, combining stationary exhibitions with events broadcast live. We built a professional GDD studio, where we hosted speakers from Poland and abroad. Participants connected with us from all over the world. She actively participated in the events, participating in chat discussions. And all this via the My GDD account on the new version of our website, now more accessible than ever. Long live the internet!

Meanwhile, in Gdynia, participants watched exhibitions located in partner institutions in the city center. Placing the exhibition in shop windows, containers and in the open air allowed for keeping distance without limiting social interactions. We had the opportunity to get to know the city anew in safe conditions, following the routes marked by the points on the festival map. This is how we found ourselves in a new reality where care for the common good is a priority.

GDD2021 is also the next edition of Design talks Business Summit carried out in cooperation with Change Pilots. We talked about activism and ethics in business, circular economy, circular economy and possible scenarios for the future. We have become convinced that we are creating a community in which these topics are important. It's great.

This edition prompted us to make many decisions that initially seemed radical, and today we are convinced that they were right. We have completely given up the production of gadgets and we have significantly limited printing. We did not produce paper invitations or programs. We carefully chose the location of the advertisements in the city space, and printed the posters on ecological paper with the use of water-based paints. All the exhibitions were built with recyclable materials and elements that can be reused. We have taken a step forward with the future in mind and we will not back out of it in the coming years.

Thank you for another great edition of Gdynia Design Days. During these 9 days we were really in solidarity and let it remain so forever.

The next edition will be in July 2022, but stay with us all year round. Follow our social media and subscribe to the newsletter. We promise to publish only valuable material. The internet is full of nice pictures and we will only add smart content. This is our contribution to changing the world for the better.