Design talks Business Sustainability Summit program

1 June 2022

Design talks Business Sustainability Summit program

During the event, you will gain practical tools, knowledge and the latest inspirations to develop your business based on the sustainable design of products and services.

As every year, we have created an extensive program based on case studies of successful projects and the knowledge of an international group of recognized practitioners. Buy the ticket and join a two-day conference where we will provide you with the essence of what is most important in working with creating sustainable products, services and business models.
Let's meet at DtB, a space for knowledge exchange, meetings and cooperation.

What do you gain?

  • gaining direct access to the latest knowledge, arguments, conclusions and answers to dynamically changing consumer and industry needs,
  • meeting live with other participants during one of the most important events regarding sustainability in business in this part of Europe,
  • learning about the latest changes, trends, tools and case studies related to innovation in business based on sustainability,
  • presenting yourself as an innovator who observes and sets trends in the industry,
  • representing your own industry, profession and company as seriously and with a future-oriented approach to the business area of ​​sustainable development,
  • establishing new business and professional relationships,
  • strengthening its presence in the industry environment,
  • joining the group of practitioners and experts participating in the event, both on the part of the speakers and participants,
  • a combination of a professional trip with the holiday experience of the summer offer of the city of Gdynia.
Tickets available on our website.