The Second Life of a Ski - Skis Re//Defined


The Second Life of a Ski – Skis Re//Defined

opening hours

2-10th of July, according to the opening hours of the store


Dasea People
Antoniego Abrahama 29


free of charge


The works presented at the exhibition are projects awarded in the MAJESTY Skis Re//Defined competition, in which participants created a usable project from used skis and thus gave them a second life.

The exhibition presents works awarded in the Skis Re//Defined competition. In the first edition of the competition, the participants were asked to create a utility project from used skis and thus give them a second life. The aim of the exhibition is to draw attention to the problem of used skis and other products that can no longer be used for their intended purpose. The users of used or damaged skis gained a space where they could give them to the artists or designers for reuse instead of throwing them away.

Such solutions make possible to combine design with usability and show how to implement the circular approach to products in practice. Each of us, both companies and individual consumers, should think holistically in order to reduce the environmental impact of objects that surround us at every stage of their life.

The projects presented at the exhibition break the pattern of thinking about the purpose of skis and provoke reflection on the responsibility of the manufacturer and the user for the product.





Majesty is an independent ski company producing world-class ski equipment of the highest level of technology, engineering, and design.We believe that skiing is a lifestyle. Thinking about skiing comprehensively, we want to give the user the highest comfort and satisfaction from skiing. We decided to call the collection for the 2021/2022 season Re//Defined, because this is what it is. Created from ...

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