“Movings” – exhibition for children at Emigration Museum Gdynia


“Movings” – exhibition for children at Emigration Museum Gdynia

opening hours

30th of April – 31 of October 2022


Emigration Museum
Polska 1


free tickets available at the museum ticket office


We have all moved at least once at different stages of our lives. Relocating can be a challenge, especially for children. The new exhibition “Przeprowadzki” [“Movings”] tells the story of emotions that the youngest children may experience in such a situation. Together with the protagonists of the exhibition we learn the answers to the questions what is migration and why do people migrate, and we learn to tame the unknown.

The “Przeprowadzki” [“Movings”] exhibition is an intergenerational adventure whose protagonists are: Franek, who moves to a new place with his parents, and Olena, a Ukrainian girl living in Poland with her family. It is because of their friendship that you will be able to witness the changing world through the eyes of a child. This exhibition was developed with the participation of children and they influenced its final shape. Therefore, during your visit you may feel as if you are part of a story which you are listening to, watching and completing with action.

A visit to the belly of a huge monster, packing a moving car, an engaging radio drama about the fate of a jackal-migrant, or creating a carpet with a Polish-Ukrainian pattern – these are just some of the elements that make up the exhibition, which is full of engaging and fun activities. We get to know the story of Frank and Olena together with Mr. Głośnik, who tells fragments of it in four languages: Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English. They are illustrated by colorful, multi-format drawings. Although the exhibition was created for children from 6 to 12 years old, it contains many elements that will also be attractive to younger audiences.

The exhibition is designed for children to explore together with their families and caregivers. Anna Posłuszna i Katarzyna Witt are the curators. The design and arrangement of the exhibition was created by the Kosmos Projekt studio, and the authors of the illustrations are artists from Acapulco Studio.

Admission to the exhibition is free. The exhibition will run to the end of October.

The exhibition was created in collaboration with IKEA, which amongst others, provided the Museum with furniture that will subsequently enter a second-hand circuit in the IKEA Circular Hub marketplace. Another partner is Storytel, which has lent its voice to the characters in the exhibition and produced a fable about animals migrating as a result of climate change. You can listen to an extract from it at the exhibition, and the full version will be available from April 29th on Storytel. The exhibition would also not have been possible without the support of the “Akcja Anima” and the “Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę” Foundation.





Anna Posłuszna

Anna Posłuszna

chief education officer at the Emigration Museum in Gdynia. Art historian and service designer. In addition to coordinating educational activities, she tries to implement service design methodologies at the Museum, monitoring trends in education and culture. Author of various programs, projects and educational materials for children and youths. Together with Katarzyna Witt, she created an award-wi...

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Katarzyna Witt

Katarzyna Witt

Art historian, educator, creator of content for children and teenagers. For many years associated with the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, currently runs her own studio Kolektor. She deals with visual, cultural and architectural education of the youngest. She writes for children, creates teaching tools, conducts workshops in museums, schools and libraries. Scholarship holder of the Minister of Cul...

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