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2th of July – 30th of August


Muzeum Miasta Gdyni
Zawiszy Czarnego 1


free of charge, information available at the museum shop


Together we can change the world step by step. 

How to take care of the climate on a daily basis? It’s no secret that it is hard to change habits. That is why at EkoEksperymentarium we give you some simple tips on how to be eco and how to make your life easier. The audience of our exhibition will learn important data and tricks to limit the usage of resources and reduce consumption.
In the living room, we search for the ways to save energy, in the bathroom, we care about every drop of water, in the kitchen, we share ideas for Zero Waste cooking, and in the bedroom, we look through our possessions and reflect on why less is more. Every visitor is welcome to experiment on their own and see how their decisions affect the environment which we are a part of.

EkoEksperymentarium is an educational project which shows how small steps taken at home can help implement great changes in the world. With small everyday gestures, everyone can become a part of the solution instead of being a part of the problem. The exhibition is an element of the EkoEksperymentarium educational project, which consists of the website with games (www.ekoeksperymentarium.pl), scenarios for classes and the exhibition.

The project has been created and carried out by Małgosia Żmijska and Joanna Studzińska, together with the Mamy Projekt collective. The illustrations are made by Paweł Szlotawa, Studio Gdyby arranged the exhibition space, and the exhibition itself was made by Czapla Dekor. Joanna Kurkiewicz coordinated and produced the project.

Read more about the project at www.ekoeksperymentarium.pl



Mamy Projekt

Mamy Projekt

Mamy projekt is a curatorial and realization collective created by Joanna Studzińska and Małgorzata Żmijska. We create engaging educational projects on various social and community-related topics, mostly on the climate. Over the last few years, we have held a series of five NOTaMAP exhibitions, four “Hug Poland” exhibitions, “The Leak” – a temporary exhibition on wate...

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